Classic Fe-Gan Diet (Fake-Vegan) – I gotta have my eggs!

What You Need

As with all my recipes, feel free to use all or some of the ingredients in the lists. As long as you have at least one from each list, you should be fine with the flavors.. You do not need to use all of the fruit if you don’t want.. I just like to pile it high!

In the Kitchen
The Usual Suspects

In the Shopping Basket

Savory: 1 x Sliced Wholewheat Bread, 1 x Full Egg, 2 x Egg whites

Sweet: Pomegranate seeds, Sliced Banana (half per person is enough), Kiwi & Grapefruit

Sour: Lime

Nuts: Sliced Almonds, Walnuts

Herbs: Fresh Mint

Dried Fruit: Chopped: Figs & Prunes (or dates work well too)

Spice Rack: Cinnamon, Fresh Cracked Pepper, Sea Salt, Crushed Chilli, Garlic Flakes

Condiments: Honey, Olive Oil

Frozen Aisle: Frozen Mixed Berries

What You Do

1. Crack the egg and egg whites into a bowl, and all seasoning from your spice rack, plus honey. Mix the eggs up and add the bread slice. Throw in a small handful of chopped dried fruit mix and some walnuts. 1/4 banana in there. Can push the nuts and fruit into the bread (making your own home-made walnut & banana bread! Cool hey!

2. Heat splash of olive oil in pan on high until warm.

3. Toast the almond slices under the grill for 3-5 min until they brown. Turn the grill off and remove from heat.

4. Bring down to medium-high temp and pour the egg and toast mixture into the pan.

5. Cover with lid and bring down to medium temp.

6. Turn the french toast once eggs cooked on the bottom side, if you like it a lil burnt like I do, check before you flip. Cover with lid and cook the other side.

7. Once cooked to how you like it.. pour onto a plate and drizzle with some honey, and pile on the slices fruit and frozen mixed berries, juice included.

Squeeze Lime over everything
Add the toasted almonds
Cover with cinnamon
Drop some fresh mint on top
Add a lil more cracked pepper if you are crackers for it like me