“She reminds me of a music box! Anyone who opens this box is filled with tremendous joy; it’s her character. It would be impossible to have a room full of sad people when she is teaching! Her classes are fun, hardcore and entertaining.”
Michael Roper, Original Fitness Dubai Trainer, August 2014

“I started training with Buffi in a bit of a panic on the lead up to my wedding this year and have been very impressed with the results! She has not only advised me on gaining optimum results in training outside of her sessions but also on nutrition and maintaining a healthy life balance. She takes no prisoners, it hurts (!!) however the results are totally worth it.”
Nicola Hoey, Dubai, June 2014

I’m always in pain because of Buffi, but a good kind of pain, the kind where you know you worked out really hard and did something right. And that’s all because of Buffi. She makes sure I push myself to the maximum. She won’t even let me cry or complain! If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be in such amazing shape after months of training and I wouldn’t be getting daily compliments about my figure… Which I LOVE. Now I’m addicted. But the good kind of addiction.
Dana Azzi, Private Banker, Dubai, May 2014

“I have been working out with Buffi for about 8 months now, and although I do pilates, swimming and barre classes, Buffi always manages to work muscles that I didn’t know I had. Through my sessions with her I have built strength and stamina in a way that I haven’t found with my other activities, and more importantly I have lost inches in areas I had struggled with before. Buffi knows how far she can push me, and she always takes it to the max!!
Nicky Hammond, Dubai, April 2014

“I enjoyed a lot my classes with Buffi as my PT. She is so dynamic and has so much energy! She really knows how to motivate. Her session are always different, each time she surprises me with something new, exciting and challenging. She gave me new energy after our sessions and I continued to feel stronger and fitter days after our sessions. I also take her FlyBarre classes, as I love her group fitness classes also. Thank you for everything!!! You are the best!”
Aurélia Zearo, Dubai, April, 2014

“I first started training with Buffi for flywheel sports and was so motivated by her enthusiasm that I decided to train with her one on one. After our first session I realized that I had never known I had that many functioning muscles! I was unbelievably sore but felt incredibly amazing. Shes not only inspiring but she really knows how to work out each part of the body with new and interesting techniques every training. I have a 6 month old and an extremely weak knee and training with her has been the best thing i have done for both! THANK YOU BUFFI!”
Alexandra Igleheart, Mother & Entrepreneur, Dubai, UAE, October 2013

“Seriously impressed with Buffi’s teaching skills, brilliant at the actual workout and awesome instructions. She always gives great advice and encouraging motivation. She nailed the balance between demonstration and actual correction, fixing form and making sure I got the right technique, to get the most out of the session. I got one kick ass workout, this girl means business!”
Adam Bigwood, OSN, Dubai, UAE, August 2013

“I had a paranoid aversion to the idea of a Bootcamp till I signed up for Buffi Bootcamp. Buffi’s enthusiasm is contagious, the sessions are fun and addictive. I lost more weight and inches in 3 weeks with her, than in 4 months at the gym, not to mention enjoyed it more then had ever enjoyed working out. These sessions combine cardio, resistance and yoga, not to mention diet tips and easy, healthy recipes, that were delicious and quick to make. Thank you Buffi!”
Devika Singh, Psychiatrist, Dubai, UAE, July 2013


“I can say with 100% certainty that Buffi is the only person who not only can get you to work out at 5 am but actually have you looking forward to it. She has helped me get back into a fitness routine and set target goals which I’ve been able hit within the first month of working out.

Her energy and passion have helped me change my entire lifestyle. Each day brings a new challenge and leaves me excited for the next session.”
Aisha Ali, Manager of Short-Term Program, NYU, Dubai, UAE, June 2013

‘Buffi Boot Camp’ in a nutshell: Best workout I have ever had. I never hated working out, but I never really loved it, either. That all changed with my personal training sessions with Buffi. She is beyond client-centered. Even before we would meet up, she would meticulously plan my workouts based on my specific goals, strengths and weaknesses, as well as what worked (or didn’t work!) in the last session.

The workouts were CHALLENGING, but what I was really drawn to was that I never felt overwhelmed or discouraged, like I have with other trainers — Because Buffi’s workouts were so focused to my needs, I trusted that she had created plans for me that I could actually accomplish. In fact, Buffi pushed me to do more than I had ever done.

And it doesn’t hurt that she leads by example. I literally watched Buffi change her body and drop ridiculous amounts of body fat. Every workout we did, we did together. She is a complete powerhouse. Driven and Fun! I’ve never laughed so much while sweating so hard. She has a sincere desire to encourage and help people succeed and achieve their goals. She is on your side, and the results prove it.
Katy Parker, Massage Therapist, Great Jones Spa, New York, April 2013

Whats in a name? let me explain. When first meeting a girl like Buffi, you think her name suits her to a T, a fashionable, cool, slim, girl from the right side of the tracks; but now I know her name was truly her destiny, “buff” is in Buffi for a really good reason. It’s a for-warning to those who are about to get a a real muscle whoopin’.

This lil’ lady brings it to the table and won’t let ya leave until you are mush. Sweaty, wobbly, truly pushed to the limits mush. In my opinion this is a good thing. I work out on a 5-6 days a week basis jogging and doing At home Jillian michaels workouts, and just when I thought I was a super rockstar and could handle it all, along comes Miss Buffi to show me I still have a long way.

With a smile and sense of humor, awesome location, and “i mean business” attitude the workouts seemed to pass quickly, but it was the painful week to come where I realized Buffi was “buff”ing me up for greatness

Thanks girl for helping me push myself, and helping me fight that post pregnancy weight.
Julianne Andrews, Make Up Artist, Dubai, UAE, April 2013

“I have trained consecutively with Buffi for the last two years at the beginning of the year, post two very indulgent Christmases and New Years. I can not think of a better way to start the year. Buffi is fun, enthusiastic and her relentless energy makes you actually look forward to the next session. Her approach and understanding and meticulous planning of the work outs keep things interesting, challenging, dynamic and even FUN! I have worked with other trainers in the past and often found myself trying to think up a good excuse to miss a session. With Buffi, not only would she not have it, I genuinely didn’t want to ever miss a work out.

She kick started my last two years and got me back on track,helping me to enjoy working out and include it into my daily routine again. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”
Kim Guillemard, Entrepreneur, Dubai , UAE, March 2013