“She reminds me of a music box! Anyone who opens this box is filled with tremendous joy; it’s her character. It would be impossible to have a room full of sad people when she is teaching! Her classes are fun,

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Hit with the flu, I was determined to get myself back to health ASAP, and sacrificing my healthy eating, well that was not going to happen!

I don’t think Dubai would be the same without my sweaty starts on the beach with to DubizzFit boys and my besty Nivvy.

This summer join Buffi Jashanmal at FlyWheel Dubai for some seriously awesome sculpting and toning as she becomes the newest member of the FlyBarre Team.

Continuing down the path of fitness, I am pleased to announce that I have joined the FlyWheel Dubai team in Burj Views! YAY!’s all round!

Fitness and Friendship.. Check out how me and Aisha kick it together in this months Good Taste

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