Hit with the flu, I was determined to get myself back to health ASAP, and sacrificing my healthy eating, well that was not going to happen! Before the shakes, shivers and aches really set in, I managed to drag myself to the supermarket and grab any vegetables I could grab without fainting. It was a game of Supermarket Sweep, me against the Flu.

Being the type of girl who does not do things in halves, one soup turned into The Soup Project, I now had three on the go. Half way through the final Special Brew Flu hit me. Shivering and aching all over, I was starting to regret my shopping mission. Moreover, rather confused as to how I thought it would be a good idea hang out in the kitchen when I should be in bed, cooking, for what seemed like, a small village. Classic me.

With that being said, 2 days later, Flu gone, I have enough soup for the week, yay! And wouldn’t it be selfish not to share? So here goes, #1 of 3 Souper Good Vegan Soups!.. the rest to follow soon.

MAKES ENOUGH FOR 4 HUNGRY PEOPLE, including leftovers

What You Need

In the Kitchen
The Basics
Soup Blender

If you haven’t got a soup blender, YOU MUST GET ON! This simple to use kitchen appliance has changed my life. Without being dramatic, it really has!

In the Shopping Basket

FROZEN: 1 bag Frozen (or 2 bags Fresh Spinach)
1 bag Frozen Peas

HERB: Fresh Mint, Cilantro

PULSES: Chickpeas (pre-soaked and cooked in vegetable stock and spices of your choice), Lentils (pre-made with mushroom stock and peas)

NUTS: mixed, crushed, any type you like!

SAVORY: 2 Cucumbers, 1 Avocado, 1-2 bulbs garlic, Lime

SWEET: Pomegranate

SEASONING: Vegan Stock Cube (any flavor), Fresh Cracked Pepper, Cayenne Pepper

What You Do

1. Set the oven to 200. Roast garlic in oven with olive oil, salt and pepper for 30min-40min. I like to break the garlic bulbs into pieces and then squeeze out the cloves after they are cooked, but do what ever way you like to roast garlic.

2. In a big pot, throw in the bag of frozen spinach, bag of peas, the stock cube and cover with enough water so there is an inch or so above all the vegetables. Medium heat until everything starts to bubble. Cover for 10-20min on low heat, or until everything is soft. Season with cayenne and pepper to taste. Turn off and allow to cool. Add two massive handfuls of fresh mint.

3. Add 1/2 bulb of roasted garlic to soup mix. Save other half for garnish

4. Using Blender (follow instructions for your blender, it may come with a container to pour the soup mixture in for safer blending), blend everything until it is as mushy as you would like, you may want it souper-smooth, or you may like it a lil chunky like me.

3. Re-heat soup. Heat up lentils and chickpeas in separate pots.

4. Cut cucumber into quarters, chop avocado, slice up lime, cut cilantro leaves. Crush mixed nuts: can either put in a sandwich bag and smash with the bag of a big spoon, or can use a mechanical blender. I pref smashing with a spoon, so much more fun! De-seed pomegranate unless bought the seeds separately (hey, I’m in Dubai, you can buy everything prepped!)

5. Pour soup into 4 bowls. Pour a pile of lentils in the middle and some chickpeas on top. Throw some cucumber and pomegranate seeds over the top. A 1-2 tablespoons of crushed nuts and crack some pepper over the top. A Squeeze of lime or a wedge for garnish will go down a treat. Those whole love some hardcore garlic action, throw a couple of roasted pieces on there too.

6. Enjoy!

Delish Mixed Pepper & Sweet Potato Soup with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes to follow…